[AT / Expert] LTE TRAXX MS2e update

Earlier this year, Bombardier delivered three all-blue TRAXX MS2e electrics to LTE-group from Austria. 186 941, 942 and 943 entered service in May-June, shortly after another. All machines have package KG10 (DE-AT-PL-NL-CZ-SK-HU). 

Maiden run – LTE 186 941 on 22.05.2019 in Langenschwarz – Photo: Mathias Oestreich

Up until this week, the three machines were used in their unbranded blue livery. Meanwhile, 186 943 is the first of the three with special branding. New vinyl depicts the name and visual that are part of LTE-Group’s latest marketing campaign: ‘Attracktive Forces’.

Meanwhile, we were able to complete the statistics of all three machines:

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