[EU] The AtTRACKtive Forces of LTE: 186 941 joins the club

LTE is expanding its ‘AtTRACKtive Forces’ campaign. In November 2020, we showed you 186 943 wearing the colorful motif on its sides. Now it’s 186 941’s turn.

We thank Simon Buchmann for sharing his nice pictures with us.

This week Simon captured it not one but two times under different weather conditions with the ‘Wolfurt Shuttle’ train. First, he caught it in Flintsbach on 17.03.2020 with some nice mountainous surroundings in the back:

LTE’s 186 941 passing through Flintsbach (DE) on 17.03.2020 Photo credit: Simon Buchmann

Another picture followed, this time with sunny weather and in Brannenburg, on 19.03.2020 :

LTE’s 186 941 passing through Brannenburg (DE) on 19.03.2020 Photo credit: Simon Buchmann

And here’s 186 943, which made its debut at the end of last year, for comparison:

[EU] LTE TRAXX MS2e locomotives becoming more ‘AtTRACKtive’