[ES] The first Bitrac in full Captrain design

Good and bad news about the Bitrac today; After bringing the sad news about a storm last night and the severe consequences for rail traffic in Spain, we have something to make it up to you, a little bit at least. 

Below you find a first shot of a Beacon Rail > Captrain Bitrac locomotive in full Captrain design. It is machine no. 601 001 in the process of being reactivated. And this takes time. The same can be said about the application of the design; in July, the machine was seen with freshly wrapped sides, but it took until this month the complete the fronts. The 001 now presents itself in the known Captrain-design, simple but easy to recognize, because it is highly standardized; Lime-colored cabs, a light grey front panel, light grey sides.

Beacon Rail > Captrain Espana 601 001 – Arturo Samaniego Palou