[DE] In the picture: Infraleuna 192 004 in full design

German private operator InfraLeuna was the second client to order Smartron locomotives from Siemens (the first one was EGP). Two such locomotives were recently added to its fleet. We now have a visual of one of them.

We thank Marcel Grauke for sharing his picture with us.

We bring you a nice picture of 192 004, which is in service since June (together with its brother 192 003), but initially kept its plain blue Siemens-livery. It took until August befoire the locomotive was forst seen with an Infraleuna design.

Marcel Grauke managed to capture this ‘dramatic’ view of the now fully branded Smartron, pulling a fuel train from Stendell to Karlsruhe on 18.09.2019:

InfraLeuna’s 192 004 with a tank car train from Stendell to Karlsruhe, seen at Spergau 18.09.2019 Photo: Marcel Grauke