[DE] In the picture: More ‘Ökostrom’ Smartrons for RheinCargo appear

Railcolor News thanks Jannis Pelzer for his photo-submission. Check out his Instagram profile for more train pictures in Germany.

Several weeks ago, RheinCargo’s first green-themed Smartron made its debut. Now, we bring you an image of a special train, transporting two more Smartrons of the German operator. And there is no surprise about their livery as they look exactly the same as 192 032.

192 032 leading a train with two more Smartrons in an identical livery, followed by RheinCargo’s TRAXX 185 349. This is is seen on the fresh image below that Jannis Pelzer took today at Hanau (Main):

193 032 of RheinCargo, together with two more Smartrons and a TRAXX of the operator, seen at Hanau (Main) in Germany 26.11.2020 Photo credit: Jannis Pelzer

While the exact Smartron numbers are yet to be confirmed, we know for sure that 031, 033, and 034 will be joining the RheinCargo fleet as well. For a full Smartron production overview check out our dedicated [Data] page:

[Data] Siemens Smartron

And if you’re curious about the colorful ex-DB TRAXX, hiding behind the Smartrons, make sure to visit our Expert article below:

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