[DE] Rollout: Smartron 192 007 is Spitzke’s first electric loco

We thank Norman Gottberg for sharing his photo impressions with us.

The first human-powered locomotive? On 25.07.2019 Spitzke celebrated the roll-out of its first electric locomotive, Smartron no. 192 007. The blue locomotive got a special design, new stickers on its sides, and a Spitzke number.

One day later, the designated ‘E 192-SP-100’ was seen on Trebbin (DE) during its first assignment with a special work train:

192 007 of Spitzke seen near Trebbin (DE) 26.07.2019 Photo: Norman Gottberg

The locomotive got its numbers in silver – hard to read on a blue background.

And where there is no electricity, Spitzke’s diesels take over. Together with V100-SP-025 duing shunting at Spitzke’s depot in Großbeeren:

In social media:

The operator released a video showing the rollout and baptism ceremony of the Smartron on 25.07.2019. Their special guest at the event was strongman “Tetzel” Schmidt, who pulled the 83-ton locomotive out of Spitzke’s shed.