[IT] This is 494 504 of Captrain Italia

Batch #1 from Captrain Italia’s is nearing completion. 494 504 is the newest TRAXX DC3 to join the fleet of the operator.

We thank Marco Sturla for sending us his picture of the locomotive. Check out his Portale dei Treni profile for more nice pictures from Italy.

Last time we checked progress at Vado Ligure, we saw 494 503 ready for handover. Now, we bring you an image of the next locomotive from Captrain Italia’s first batch of TRAXX DC3s. The photo below shows it transiting through Lavagna, on its way to Livorno in Italy on 29.07.2019:

Captrain Italy’s E494.504, seen in Lavagna 29.07.2019 Photo: Marco Sturla