[HU] The KISS for MÁV leaves Hungary for tests

815 001 and 815 002 are the first two Stadler KISS EMUs for MÁV. Last week, they were officially presented by the operator. Now, it’s time to start the trials.

We thank Dani Szabó for sharing his pictures with us. Check out his Instagram for more railway photos from Hungary.

It’s testing time for the Stadler KISS for MÁV Start. As Railcolor News informed earlier, two trainsets will be used for the trials in Germany and the Czech Republic.

A general view of the Stadler KISS train, featuring EMUs 815 001 + 815 002, pulled by 1116 002 of Rail Carho Hungaria, Kimle (HU) 18.07.2019 Photo: Dani Szabó

On 18.07.2019 Dani Szabó caught a special train to Slovakia; Rail Cargo Hungaria’s Taurus 1116 002 and both 815 001 and 002.

KISS 815 002 of MÁV Start, seen in Kimle (HU) 18.07.2019 Photo: Dani Szabó

The special train departed from Dunakeszi in Hungary towards Rajka, which is a station at the Hungarian-Slovak border. We expect that afterwards it followed towards the Czech Republic where tests are expected to begin soon.