[HU] Werbelok: 480 009 is now promoting ‘Kajla’

A second new ‘Werbelok’ makes its debut in Hungary this month; This is 480 009 of MÁV for ‘Kajla.hu’.

We thank Norbert Tilai for sharing his picture with us.

It was only a few weeks ago when we presented the ‘Eucharistic’ 480 002. Now, another TRAXX locomotive makes its appearance with a new promotional livery. This is 480 009, which is supporting a national tourist campaign, aimed at students:

480 009 of MAV, seen in Budapest 13.06.2019 Photo: Norbert Tilai


The name of the initiative is ‘Kajla’ and its goal is to invite children to explore the country while traveling. MÁV and GYSEV are involved by providing free transport to kids that have a ‘Kajla passport’.

Funny detail: ‘Kajla’ is also the name of the cute puppy dog, which can be seen on the locomotive livery.

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