[HU / Expert] Werbelok alert: MÁV Start adds “Hero of the Future” TRAXXes [updated]

This article was originally published on 28.09.2021 – and update don 11.10.2021 (new information and pictures added).

Update 11.10.2021: And then there were two.

Surprise, surprise! Turns out there are not one but two TRAXXes wearing the “Hero of the Future” livery design. 480 014 is the second locomotive from the series that was given the distinctive teal-blue look. Seen below it is pulling service 705 (Szeged – Budapest) on 10.10.2021:

480 014 of MÁV Start in Pestszentlőrinc (HU) 10.10.2021 © Stahl Csaba

About 480 014 of MÁV Start

  • Sub-model: TRAXX P160 AC2;
  • NVR-Number: 91 55 0480 014-4 H-START;
  • Factory number: 34948;
  • Year built: 2011.

Our original article from 28.09.2021 starts below:

MÁV-Start has been on fire with werbelok releases these past weeks. At the beginning of the month, the first Hero of the Future locomotive (a EuroSprinter) was revealed, and shortly after the “Toldi” TRAXX followed. Now, we have yet another class 480 representative bearing the aquamarine design “Heroes of the Future”.

MÁV-Start has gone a step further in its climate-change awareness by adding a second “Hero of the Future” locomotive and this time it’s a TRAXX. On 18.09.2021, Stahl Csaba caught the locomotive with service 705 which runs between Szeged – Budapest: 

480 011 of MÁV Start in Budapest (Kőbánya – Kispest) 18.09.2021 © Stahl Csaba

The design is virtually identical to the one previously seen on 470 005 and it once again is highlighting the “Heroes of the Future” event – a youth program aiming to raise awareness among teenagers about the importance of living sustainably, part of the sustainability expo and summit, Planet Budapest 2021.

480 011 of MÁV Start 18.09.2021 © Stahl Csaba

About 480 011 of MÁV Start

  • Sub-model: TRAXX P160 AC2;
  • NVR-Number: 91 55 0480 011-0 H-START;
  • Factory number: 34944;
  • Year built: 2011.

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