[EU] Transport Logistic 2019: First More impressions [updated x2]

Reviews, technical specifications, new contracts… Yes, we are bringing you all this in our upcoming Expert articles. But before we begin, let’s just have a relaxing stroll at the fair. This article will be updated accordingly, so make sure you visit back.

Update 06.06.2019

This is our last day at the trade fair. So, it’s time for another look outside:

The ‘Transport Logistic timelapse’ by Railcolor News

To bring you a better idea of what the external exhibition looks like, we made this timelapse video:


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Transport logistic lapse! #transportlogistic

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The second Vectron Dual Mode

Earlier, we showed you just a side view, now we have a general look at Vectron Dual Mode ‘number two’ + a nice detail, as seen from the Smartron’s perspective:

Smartron 192 002

Yes, this is the ‘new’ Smartron. The original 192 001 is now owned and operated by e.g.o.o. (and it has a new livery too).

This is Smartron 192 002 of Siemens Mobility

Third Vectron on display

And it seems like Transport Logistic 2019 is all about Vectron domination. We already showed you that the white 193 362 of DB Cargo is on display too. Here are a few more shots of it:

The ‘other’ side of the HDB 800

Earlier we showed you only the ‘red’ side of Toshiba’s demonstrator hybrid shunter. Now it’s time to see them both:

And if we take a closer look at the cab itself we’ll see a familiar logo…

HDB 800’s cab is Railpool branded

Skinest Rail Ludmilla

Let’s wrap up with a classic Ludmilla model for the diesel fans:

A scale model of a Skinest Rail Ludmilla diesel locomotive

For the Experts

Thanks for being with us and remember: the best is yet to come. Stay tuned for our Expert article series and while you’re waiting, don’t miss out on our special subscription promotion:


Update: 05.06.2019

Today, we bring you more locomotive insights from inside the fair:

ELP’s EuroDual is taking shape

We have seen lots of images of the real thing recently. But its still ‘all white’. Here’s a scale replica, wearing ELP’s livery:

ELP’s EuroDual as a scale replica

We paid CRRC a visit (Expert article coming soon)

And there’s some interesting news coming from China, concerning their ‘Bison’ Bo’Bo’ electric desgin, as seen on the picture below:

The ‘Bison’ by CRRC

More impressions from CRRC’s booth:

Smartron for Northrail (Expert article coming soon)

Another very interesting highlight: a Smartron wearing a ‘Northrail’ livery. We’ll bring you more details on that topic in a separate article:

Siemens Smartron in Northrail livery

Having fun

Of course, we’re also having fun at the fair. Check out these tiny Captrain locomotives:

It’s time to rock!

Remember that TX Logistik / ELL Rock concert we talked about yesterday? Here it is in action:

But wait! What’s that on the roll-up banner on the right? Oho, a new side panel on ELL > TX Logistik’s Vectron 193 208, which is ‘to-be-designed’ soon. We can’t wait!

ELL > TX Logistik’s Vectron ‘to-be-designed’

Our original post, covering the first day of Transport Logistic 2019: 04.06.2019

We’ll start with the highlights, sharing our first impressions with pictures. These are mostly locomotives, of course. Let’s first have a look at the Japanese hybrid demonstrator, which was unveiled today:

The HDB 800 (Expert review coming soon):

Toshiba HDB 800 – general view – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

The locomotive has its own ‘engine display’, so no need to open doors to look at the engine. How cool is that?

DB V90 + Toshiba = HELMS (Expert review coming soon)

More hybrid innovation from Toshiba. This time it’s the Hybrid-Electro-Mechanical-Shunter (HELMS). It has a number: 1094 001:

Another look at the HELMS 1094 001 of DB Cargo Photo: Simon Wijnakker

‘This is green’:

Transport Logistic is all about cargo

Of course, Transport Logistic’s specialty is not only about locomotives. Here we have a colorful, artsy container, which looks strangely familiar. It does remind us a lot of Noah’s train, which is also in Munich currently.

A Noah’s Train container? – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

‘I Am European’

Speaking of Noah’s Train, we see a familiar Vectron livery from DB. Look further into the ‘desert’ background on this picture, and you’ll notice that ‘I am European’ branding:

A familiar Vectron in the desert…”I am European” – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

DB Cargo Vectron 193 362 – ‘I am European’

Earlier, we had Vectron 193 361 debuting that European livery. Now, we see 193 963 wearing it:

Vectron 193 362 ‘I am European’ – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

THE ‘ELLorean’

Of course, this is a professional trade fair. But everybody wants to have fun as well. And it looks like TX Logistik and ELL have prepared a little something for that occasion. A fully equipped rock scene with an ‘ELLorean’ on stage. Sign me up!

Coming soon: the ELLorian! Photo: Simon Wijnakker

The DeLorean of Kombi Verkehr

And it looks like Back to the future is quite trendy this year! There is a real-size DeLorean car inside the fair. Check it out at Kombi Verkehr’s booth:

The DeLorean of Kombi Verkehr – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

You are an Expert

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Vectron Dual Mode 248 002 reporting for duty

Ah yes, it seems like it was yesterday when we reported the first appearance of Vectron Dual Mode 001, as well as its tests in the Czech Republic. Now, we see the second locomotive of the 248 series at the trade fair. Psst, we already showed you that one while it was still under construction at Siemens’ plant in Munich-Allach.

A close up of the second Vectron Dual Mode 248 002 – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

Do you remember the eye-catching demo model presentation that Siemens showed us at the InnoTrans last year? Well, it’s here as well:

The Vectron Dual Mode demonstration model – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

The DM20 concept by Vossloh

Trade fairs are always a good place to spot those early creations that might (or might not) be brought to life eventually. The DM20 electric locomotive is one of them:

A concept locomotive by Vossloh: DM 20 – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

RTB Cargo in 1:87

Seeing locomotives in real life is always exciting, but experiencing an HO replica is fascinating as well. Here, we see an ELL > RTB Cargo Vectron, pulling a container train. Did you know that Railcolor Design made the visuals for those containers?

ELL > RTB Cargo train in 1:87 – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

Smartron Number Two

Yet another Siemens locomotive at the show. It is the second Smartron demonstrator, the 192 002:

Smartron 192 002 Photo: Simon Wijnakker – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

DB Schenker & Einride’s Autonomous Truck

Remember: it’s not all about railways. Here we see a true innovation in road transport. This is the autonomous truck, developed by Einride of Sweden for DB Schenker:

The autonomous truck for DB Schenker by Einride – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

A Bo’Bo’ Transmontana?

CER Cargo is handing out these super cute paper models of their ‘Transmontana’ series 610 1XX. Interestingly, the one on the picture below, has 4 axles instead of 6:

A paper model of CER Cargo 610 100 – Photo: Simon Wijnakker

More impressions coming soon!

Stay tuned for more updates.