[EU / Expert] Railcolor Modern Locomotive News (19/16)

It was a good week, a busy week. 26 articles got published, 12 specifically about (new) locomotives. But there is always more, Railcolor’s weekly locomotive update gives you the backgrounds, the smaller details, the funny notes, context!

It was the week in which news broke that DB Cargo sold modern electrics to its direct competition. Will more follow? And if German operators can get second hand locomotives from Germany’s biggest rail freight operator, how will this affect the lease market for AC locomotives? A market that is saturated at this moment (except for Akiem no lease company is investing in ACs at this moment).

Again the TRAXX DC3s took the stage in Italy – after various rollouts of machines for Mercitalia Rail and Captrain Italia, this week the first black one was seen.

Speaking of different colours, what about that ELL 193 741, the comeback of HUSA? Read about this and more in this week’s loco news:

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