[DE] Video: ride along with the new Berlin S-Bahn in Wegberg-Wildenrath

S-Bahn Berlin has released a video of its newest rolling stock, being tested at Siemens’ test center in Wegberg-Wildenrath. The 4-car EMU needs to complete 160.000 km on the test ring. Enjoy.

Stadler Rail and Siemens are building 106 EMUs for S-Bahn Berlin (382 cars). There will be 85 4-car units (series 484 A/B/C/D) and another 21 2-car units (seris 483 A/B), to be operated on Berlin’s ring network (S41, S42) and the S8/S46/S47 services in the south-east. In the video you see a ‘Halbzug’ = 4-car set – 73.6 meters long seating up to 184 people. Revenue service is planned to start in 2021 on the S47. By the end of 2023, all trains on order must be available.

Read more in our dossier about these trains.

Tests are conducted on the functioning and interaction between the pantographs and 3rd rail power systems, the accurate detection of power rail gaps, the capability to maintain electrical system operational changing the power system on Berlin infrastructure – Photo: Siemens
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