[DE] Westbahn wants Chinese trains – DB AND ÖBB interested in the KISS fleet [updatedx2]

Update 25.03.2019: Kurier.at brings the news that Westbahn is selling its KISS EMUs, and will replace them with new trains provided by CRRC from China.

On 22.03.2019 ÖBB published a tender for the acquisition of exactly 17 similar trains, double deck, 200 km/h. Speicifications from the ÖBB document:

  • Delivery and maintenance of 17 (second hand) double deck electric trains
  • Possible to be operated on the Austrian rail network
  • Length: approx. 100 m (4-car) and approx. 150 m (6-car)
  • Maximum speed 200 km/h
  • the end date for this market exploration is 04.04.2019

On 20.03.2019 DB Fernverkehr AG announced it is looking for second hand, fast double deck trains

Specifications from the DB document:

  • DB wants to buy double deck trains (‘Doppelstock-Wende-Elektrotriebzüge’)
  • EMUs should not be older than 10 years, so second hand trains are an option
  • 500+ seats per train
  • Unrestricted authorisation for the complete German rail network
  • 200 km/h or faster
  • With ETCS Level 2 SRS 2.3.0 D installed – or the possibility to install it – with the option to upgrade it to SRS 3.4
  • Available per December 2019
  • At this moment already authorised in one EU country
  • high availability and reliability
  • the documents serves the purpose to find out who is willing to sell trains that have the qualifications mentioned above
  • the end date for this market exploration is 31.03.2019