[EU] The colourful come-back of Railpool 186 295

Our expert readers got the news first: the TRAXX 186 295 made its comeback last week with new colourful stickers produced by Loc&More. In its new outfit, the locomotive was working special charter trains of BahnTouristikExpress (BTE) last week.

We thank Daniel Kneer, Loc&More and Jeroen de Vries for sharing their pictures with us.

Back in 2017, 186 295 of BTE suffered a considerable damage in Deurne (NL), after hitting an excavator on a level crossing. Now, the locomotive has been repaired and ready to pull trains.

Finishing touches

The picture below shows the final steps of the sticker application process, which took place in Nürnberg on February the 21st:

Almost done – new stickers for Railpool 186 295 – 21.02.2019 – Photo: Daniel Kneer

Out and about

Once wrapping was complete, the final result could be revealed under daylight:

Railpool 186 295 just after wrapping, which took place in Nürnberg on 20/21.02.2019 – Photo: Loc & More

Pulling the BTE train

It’s time to add the red/blue passenger cars of BTE. On the next day (or rather night), the TRAXX MS2e was seen in Kaldenkirchen (DE) with the sports train between Den Haag (NL) and Schladming (AT):

186 295, is seen at Kaldenkirchen station (DE) with a winter sports train from Den Haag (NL) to Schladming (AT) 22.02.2019 Photo: Jeroen de Vries

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