[DE] Ten more ET490s for S-Bahn Hamburg

  • In 2013 S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH and the city of Hamburg signed a new 15-year transport contract
  • The new contract came into force on 09.12.2018
  • More as EUR 500 million will be invested in new trains and more workshop capacity
  • 10 additional ET490 EMUs ordered

S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH will be responsible for suburban public (S-Bahn) transport in the Hamburg area for the next 15 years. This new contract came into force last week. Hamburg’s First Mayor, Dr. Ing. Peter Tschentscher and S-Bahn CEO, Kay Uwe Arnecke today presented the new plans at the new S-Bahn workshop erected in Stellingen.

Ten more ET490 EMUs will be procured – Bombardier is currently delivering 72 units, so this number will be raised to 82. The arrival of the new ET490s increases the fleet wth 20%. Existing trains are modernized and a new maintenance facility was built. The new Stellingen workshop, with which S-Bahn Hamburg will increase its workshop capacity by 50%, will be inaugurated in 2019 and will function on CO2-free electricity.

Photo: Deutsche Bahn

Eventually, all S-Bahn trains in Hamburg will be feature multi-purpose areas, modern passenger information systems and passengers will be able to walk through the trains.

Photo: Deutsche Bahn