[US] Caltrain to order additional EMUs and intermediate cars

Caltrain has announced that it will order further electric trainsets and intermediate cars for its upcoming Stadler KISS fleet. To do that, the US commuter rail operator will exercise an option from its contract with Stadler – which allows extra vehicles to be purchased at the original price – valid until the end of this year.

16x 6-car > 19x 7-car

New funding from the California State Transportation Agency’s (CalSTA’s) Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) has enabled Caltrain to order more KISS trains and cars. From 16 six-car trainsets the future fleet will now expand to 19 seven-car trainsets. This means further three seven-car EMUs, as well as 16 additional cars to complement the already ordered trainsets will be purchased. The additional order is valued at US 174.6 million.

Next year, a public discussion will be held to further assess the trains’ interior configuration, such as bicycle security and storage options. According to Caltrain, the new purchase will further ease the passenger flow, while reducing diesel traction on the corridor. The new funding will also enable the operator to include Wi-Fi service onboard as well as bicycle facilities at stations.

First EMUs are under assembly – A painted body, note the four doors per side – Photo: Caltrain