[DE / Innotrans] Siemens Mobility presents new Vectron Dual Mode locomotive

  • Sustainable and economical solution for freight transport in Germany
  • Combined diesel and electric locomotive
  • Available from the end of September 2018

Siemens Mobility will be presenting a new locomotive at the InnoTrans 2018, the world’s largest trade fair for railway technology. The Vectron Dual Mode can be operated as both a diesel and electric locomotive. On electrified sections of track, the new locomotive is powered by electricity to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. The locomotive can be switched to diesel mode on non-electrified sections.

The Vectron Dual Mode concept enables operators to increase their sustainable value throughout the locomotive’s lifecycle. The locomotive has been designed for freight transport in Germany and can be ordered from the end of September 2018.

“The Vectron Dual Mode combines the best of two worlds: It has a powerful diesel engine and is also equipped for electrical operation. Wherever there is an overhead power line, the locomotive runs quietly without emissions, saving fuel and maintenance costs. With the Vectron Dual Mode, we have developed a sustainable, environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective alternative to conventional diesel locomotives,” says Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility.

Germany’s rail network is currently around 60 percent electrified, and the new locomotive from Siemens Mobility can also operate through gaps in the electrified sections, eliminating the need to change locomotives. At the same time, conurbations and major cities, where there is often an electrified rail network, are spared emissions.

The Vectron Dual Mode is based on proven Vectron components. The new locomotive has a gauge of 1,435 mm and weighs 90 metric tons. The locomotive is designed to operate on a 15-kV AC electrical system and is equipped with the PZB train protection system. Regardless of its operating mode, the locomotive develops a rating of 2,000 kW at the wheel rim. The Vectron’s diesel tank holds 2,500 liters of fuel. The locomotive’s top speed is 160 km/h.

Update: Siemens Mobility will be presenting the Vectron Dual Mode as an interactive model at the InnoTrans 2018. The company will once again be showcasing its products and solutions in Hall 4.2 and in the outdoor exhibition area.

Impression: Siemens