[DE] Deutsche Bahn IC2 with TRAXX AC3 (147)

This week, Marc Anders was able to record a ‘second generation’ IC2 train for Deutsche Bahn. Bombardier is building 17+25 more IC2 trains = Twindexx Vaio double deck coaches with TRAXX P160 AC3 electrics. DB Fernverkehr will number the locomotives from no. 147 551 onwards.

On 09.07.2018 the designated 147 553 was seen with IC2 coaches on its way from Nürnberg to Leipzig.

The construction of the locomotives is progressing with locomotive completed up till number 559. It is planned to have the first new IC2s ready for revenue service in December. The first 17 should, in the end, be used on the Gäubahn between Stuttgart (DE)  and Zürich (CH).

Remarkable: The DB Fernverkehr 147s have, unlike the 146s and DB Regio 147s, only a DB logo on their fronts.

All DB Fernverkehr IC2 trains, delivered and on order:

  • Order 1: DB 146 551-577 (TRAXX AC2) and 135 Twindexx Vario coaches, the majority being in service now
  • Order 2: DB 147 551-… (TRAXX AC3) and Twindexx Vario coaches, to be used on the Gäubahn (Stuttgart–Zürich)
  • Order 3: TRAXX AC3 + 124 Twindexx Vario coaches
DB Fernverker 147 553 at Jena-Göschwitz on 09.07.2018 – Photo: Marc Anders