[DE / Expert] Data overview: The DB IC2 set numbers

DB Fernverkehr applies 4-digit shortcodes for its IC/ICE rolling stock. Most of these are of course trainsets, with the IC2 fleet being the exception here. But also these loco-hauled trains have a short designation in the 28xx number series.

We thank Cosmo Graham for his information on this topic

The set number is derived from the last three numbers – before the check digit – of control car/driving trailer in the set. For example: The “DBpbzfa 668.2” in set 2875 has the EVN 50 80 86-81 875-6.

The locomotive are numbered 146 551-577. The control cars/driving trailers as ..850..-..876..

  • 146 551-7 (works no. 35028): set no. 2853
  • 146 552-5 (works no. 35029): set no. 2864
  • 146 553-3 (works no. 35030): set no. 2868

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