[CH] Capricorn! The name for the new RhB Retica30 EMUs (video)

In January Rhätischen Bahn announced that it was searching for a new brand name for it ‘Retica30’ EMUs, of which the first units will arrive in 2019. During its ‘130th Generalversammlung’ that took place on 07.06.2018, RhB announced the winning name: ‘Capricorn’ (= Steinbock) – an animal common in the area where the trains will be operated.

Starting in 2019, Stadler Rail will deliver 36 ‘Capricorn’ EMUs. These so-called “Flügeltriebzüge” will be used between Chur – Disentis, Landquart – Scuol/Davos/St.Moritz, Scuol – Pontresina and Davos – Filisur.

Still from video by Rhätische Bahn AG