[CH] Rhätischen Bahn searches for a new name for its Retica30 EMUs

Starting in 2019, Stadler Rail will deliver 36 narrow gauge EMUs to the Rhätischen Bahn. These so-called “Flügeltriebzüge” will be used between Chur – Disentis, Landquart – Scuol/Davos/St.Moritz, Scuol – Pontresina and Davos – Filisur. “Flügelen” is the German word of automatically combining trains that do not have same end/starting point, but run on the same line for a certain part of the service. 

Also the designation ‘Retica30’ has been used until now, but the Rhätischen Bahn wants to come up with its own name for these trains. Earlier, Rhätischen Bahn named its EMUs form 2009-2012 “Allegra” and the loco-hauled stock currently being delivered “Alvra“. For this purpose, you can take part of a name giving competition, which you can find here.

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