[AT] 1247 905: Stern & Hafferl officially presents its newest diesel locomotive

A big event at Eferding depot on 18.05.2018! That day Austrian rail freight operator Stern & Hafferl (St&H) officially presented its newest mainline diesel locomotive: Vectron no. 1247 905. The machine was officially named ‘Elisabeth’.

St&H decided to purchase the locomotive after it could succesfully continue its transport agreement with the Rail Cargo Group (RCG). The companies work are working closely together since 2005. New services on the lines Laakirchen – Steyrermühl and Attnang-Puchheim – Wels required additional rolling stock. Next to the Vectron also a TRAXX AC3 electric was ordered with Last Mile diesel module.

1247 905 is the first Vectron DE locomotive operated in Austria. The 2.4 MW 160 km/u dieselelectric machine was handed over to Stern & Hafferl in December 2017. During the past months the design of the locomotive changed: At first it was white with small St&H logos, then the cabins and several side panels were wrapped in red vinyls. Now we see the locomotive shining in a complete St&H design promoting Altaussee Schifffahrt.

We thank Stern & Hafferl for their support.

St&H 1247 905 at Wels – Photo: Florian Lugstein