[UK] Hull Trains reveals exterior design of its AT300 EMUs

A new color scheme for Hitachi’s AT300 EMU train family. Open access operator Hull Trains has revealed the livery design of its 802 series trains to hit the tracks from December 2019 onwards.

We see a trains in a shiny blue base livery and with black front section, something many still have to get used to in the UK as yellow is no longer mandatory. On its sides striping will be applied depicting various landmarks in various color tones. Prominent will also be the Hull Trains logo with the big magenta colored hart.

Hull Trains has five 5-car bi-mode trains on order, that will be leased from Alpha Trains. These will replace the 180 series trains, built by Alstom and also known as ‘Adelante’.

Just for comparison, we show you again the initial design impression of a Hull Trains’ 802 from 2016:

Photo: Hitachi Rail
Impression: Hull Trains