[FR] 32 Omneo Premium EMUs for French Intercity lines in Region Centre-Val de Loire

Bombardier Transportation announced today that it received a repeat order for 32 Omneo Premium double deck trainsets (256 cars) from the French National Railway Company, SNCF Mobilités, on behalf of the Centre-Val de Loire Region. The order is the result of an agreement reached between the State and the Region on 19 January 2017 to take over the management of three intercity lines or Trains d’Equibilibre du Territoire (TET).

This repeat order is part of the contract signed in 2010 with SNCF to provide up to 860 double deck trains to French regions and is valued at approximately 375 million euros ($444 million US). The Centre-Val de Loire Region plans to roll out these new spacious, highly comfortable trains on the following very frequently used lines: Paris-Orléans-Tours, Paris-Bourges et Paris-Montargis-Nevers. The first trains will be delivered in 2020 and gradually until 2022.

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Specially designed for long intercity journeys, the Omneo Premium can travel at 200km/h and offers a high level of onboard comfort to meet the demands of long distance travellers. Bombardier’s engineers developed a new interior design which optimizes available space to the benefit of passengers and seating arrangements. The train will feature a newly developed wide seat with integrated lighting, power plug, and Wi-Fi, while its interior design, colour scheme and configuration will be fine-tuned in the coming months in cooperation with the client. It offers improved access via large, platform-level doors, wide corridors and gangways for easy movement throughout the length of the train.

The 110m-long train for the Centre-Val de Loire Region will offer a seating capacity reaching 373 seats in first and second-class cars, with large baggage racks, dynamic passenger information screens, a dedicated area for two wheel-chairs and space for nine bicycles. It will operate in multiple units of two or three.

Railcolor: Bombardier and SNCF have signed a frame contract for the delivery of up to 860 units. Currently [updated 24.02.2017 and 27.12.2017] 373 units have been ordered:

This new order is the second one for the ‘Premium’ Intercity version of Bombardier’s Omneo. The Normandy region has fourty similar trains on order, of the same 110 meter long (XL) configuration. Also, the Pays de la Loire region does have 200 km/h units on order, but these don’t have the Premium intercity interior.

Generic impression of a ‘Premium Omneo’ by Bombardier
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