[EU] Akiem orders another ten TRAXX multisystem electrics

Lease company Akiem has decided to order another ten TRAXX multisystem electrics as part of its current frame contract with Bombardier. This raises the total number of new TRAXX machines on order from 26 to 36.

The ten extra machines were officially ordered in November and will be of the TRAXX MS2e type. Currently, Bombardier is building and delivering the first new locomotives of the frame contract. Over the past months we have recorded the arrival of the 187 500-504 and 186 351-352. These are the first locomotives to sport the new Akiem base livery with three red rectangles. 187 500-501 and 505 will be hired to HSL Logistik from Germany. Operator PSZ has now 186 352 in its fleet. We know that three MS2e locomotives will be hired to HSL Logistik starting in 2018.

Akiem 186 351-3 at Rzepin on 01.11.2017 – Photo: Damian Piątek

The exact configurations of the machines on order:

  • TRAXX MS2e DE/AT/PL/CZ/SK/HU/NL = 5 = 186 351-355 – ready to go, 352 in service
  • TRAXX MS2e DE/AT/BE/NL = 5 = 186 381-385 – under construction
  • TRAXX AC3 DE = 11 = 187 500-510 – first ones in service now
  • TRAXX AC3 DE/AT/HU/RO = 5 = 187 520-524 – planned
  • plus 10 locomotives ordered in November 2017
Akiem 187 504 on 28.11.2017 in Kassel – Photo: Christian Klotz

In 2016 Akiem signed a frame contract for up to 52 machines. The new locomotives make it possible to Akiem to offer its leasing services in more countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Close-up of Akiem’s new 186 351 with its new red square livery – Photo: Christian Klotz