[IT] Hitachi Rail releases first cars ‘that Rock’

Ferrovie.info reports: Last night, the first cars of unit ETR 521 001 have been released from work. The picture shows a end-car and a intermediate car on transport. ‘ETR 521’ is one of the designations for Trenitalia’s new generation of double deck trains for regional transport, also known as ‘Rock’. 

  • ETR 421 = 4-car EMU
  • ETR 521 = 5-car EMU
  • A frame contract is signed for up to 300 units
Photo: Salvatore Romano d’Orsi

Meanwhile, a mock-up of the ‘Rock’ is on tour in Italy, together with ‘Pop’ to be built by Alstom. Currently the two mock-ups are on display in Florence.

October 2017: Pop and Rock on tour in Bologna – Photo: Ferrovie dello Stato