[DE] Alstom and Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland present the Coradia Lint for Saxony-Anhalt (DISA)

On 22.11.2017 Alstom and Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland jointly presented the new Coradia Lint trains for the diesel network Saxony-Anhalt (Dieselnetz Sachsen-Anhalt or DISA). As of December 2018, 54 2-car DMUs will enter service on a newly created, integrated network of sixteen (partly) non-electrified routes in the center of Germany.

The order for the DISA network is Alstom’s the largest single customer order for the Coradia Lint 41. The will have two carriages and three bogies, being the shortest 2-car version in the family. The units for Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland GmbH will be numbered as series 1648 with car numbers 401/901 and up.

During the presentation around forty guests were able to inspect and ride the 1648 408/908 in Salzgitter, where Alstom is building these diesel trains:

The new 1648s have a maximum speed of 140 km/h. The DMUs will feature 110 seats and 120 standing places and are also accessible to people with reduced mobility: levelled access from the platform, barrier-free toilets and space for wheelchairs. They’ll have tables for laptops on the majority of seats, wifi and real time passenger information systems. In the train, an innovative lighting concept is introduced, which u. a. also directly illuminated the steps in the vehicle. In each vehicle there is a ticket vending machine, enough space for up to 9 bicycles and a video-surveillance system for passenger safety.

The new trains are being financed by the Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen states and Regionalverband Großraum Braunschweig. NS Financial Services Company (NSFSC), part of the Dutch national railways, will be owning the trains and lease them to Abellio Rail.

Photo: Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland
Photo: Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland