[DE] Bentheimer Eisenbahn purchases five Lint trains for Bad Bentheim – Neuenhaus

In March 2016, the Bentheimer Eisenbahn (BE) was selected as the future operator of passenger services on the line Bentheim – Nordhorn – Neuenhaus (DE). The line needs to be reactivated for the 3-year concession, which will start in December 2018. A tight schedule for BE, and for Alstom.

Meanwhile it is clear that Alsom Coradia Lint trainsets will be ordered. BE will be the owner of the trainsets. They will run at speeds of up to 80 kph, once every hour, on the 28-kilometer line. This means level crossings need to be upgraded. At the station of Nordhorn a new power/control station needs to be built to get all the new safety and signalling systems working. All stations will get wifi, a travel information center and space for parking bikes. It will be possible to hire bikes and cars on these locations.

Alstom will deliver five 3-car Coradia Lint41 trains. They will be 42 meter long, weighing 73 tonnes. Every set will have 118 seats, eight of them in first class. A trainset will have a ticket-selling machine, air-conditioning, live information systems, wifi, a toilet, space for buggies and luggage.

Update 25.02.2017: Yesterday, Alstom released an official press statement on this order. The order for the five 42-meter DMUs has a value of 20 million euro.

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