[PL] This is the Newag Impuls for Polregio

Polregio is a relatively new name in Poland. It was introduced in 2015 after the restructuring of Przewozy Regionalne, the former daughter company (until 2008) of the Polish railways responsible for regional and local passenger services. Przewozy Regionalne is still the name of the operator, but it uses the brand name Polregio and the brand colours silver, red and orange for its ……. services.

After a period of restructuring and repositioning, Polregio is now focusing on becoming a modern and profitable railway operator again, operating in a commercial market. Logically, fleet modernisation and the introduction of new rolling stock is a key element in this process. EN57 EMUs are being refurbished, and new trains have been ordered from Newag and Pesa.

In Dezember 2016, Przewozy Regionalne and Newag signed a contact for the delivery of three Impuls EMUs of the type 31WE. These will be 4-car units. This contract was one of two resulting from a tender for in total seven new trains. Pesa got the other contract for the delivery of four 2-car units.

The designated ED78-022 is one of the new Impuls EMUs for Polregio. It made a test run last week. This December, Newag must have delivered all three sets on order, a really tight schedule.