[SK] The ZSSK 350 ‘Red Kakadu’ looks somewhat familiar don’t you think?

This week we saw ZSSK locomotive 350 008 for the first time in its new livery. The machine, also known under its nickname ‘Gorilla’, now has a new red, white and grey livery that is similar to the blue ‘Kakadu’ livery that was used for many 350s in the past. 

But the design looks somehow familiar don’t you think? Especially the side without the large cooling grids, reminded us, and many Railcolor fans, of the ÖBB 1014 and 1822 locomotive types. It is not too difficult to imagine a red ‘Pflatsch’ logo up front…

At this moment ZSSK 350 008 has the livery, and soon the 014 will have it soon. For comparison we added images of the 014 in its blue ‘Kakadu’ livery so you can see where the color scheme comes from.

ZSSK 350 008 – Photo: Ludwig GS

ZSSK 350 014 – Photo: Ludwig GS
ZSSK 350 014 – Photo: Ludwig GS