[DE] Odenwaldbahn; so many customers, more trains delivered

As of december, VIAS Rail will deploy four new Alstom Coradia Lint DMUs on the Odenwaldbahn and Pfungstadtbahn. The designated VT 201-204 were ordered in 2016. The number of people using the trains on these lines has grown considerably so the new trains, that have more seats than the Itino DMUs that are being used right now, are very welcome. 

VIAS Rail has ordered four 2-car sets of the Coradia Lint 54 type. The have 165 seats and will be predominantly operated on the line between Hanau and Groß-Umstadt Wiebelsbach. The new trains also make it possible to offer an extra train service in the early morning. The Lints replace the older Bombardier Itino trains, that are no longer in production, that only have 119 seats per unit. These will be redeployed to lines in the direction of Erbach, Darmstadt und Frankfurt.

The new DMUs are numbered (95 80 0) 622 273 – 276 / 773 – 776 (D-VIASR) and will be property of VIAS Rail GmbH. The have the VIAS standard red and white livery.

Photo: VIAS


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