[NL] Vectron MS approved for the Netherlands – 193 262 in Rotterdam [updated]

After a period of extensive testing, Dutch safety authority ILT officially certified the Vectron MS for the Dutch railway network. This does not only enable the Vectron MS to reach Dutch ports, but it also completes certification for the entire Rhine-Alpine Corridor, linking the Netherlands with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Type approval for the Netherlands increases the number of countries where the Vectron locomotive is certified to 18. Previously, the type was already certified for Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. Over 600 Vectron locomotives have already been ordered by 33 customers. Out of these 600 locomotives, 330 are currently in operation and have already traveled over 90 million kilometers on European tracks.

Of the more than 600 locos ordered up till date, 121 will be able to operate into the Netherlands. Customers with NL-configured Vectron locomotives on order or in operation include BLS Cargo, Captrain, Deutsche Bahn, European Locomotive Leasing (ELL), Hupac, MRCE and PKP Cargo.

We wrote on 27.09.2017: This morning, Vectron locomotive 193 261 has entered the Netherlands, on its own power. Right now ELL 193 261 DE/AT/HU/PL/CZ/SK/RO/NL is on its way to Rotterdam harbour. Later that day the machine left the Netherlands again, not on its own power anymore…

The homologation of the Vectron in the Netherlands is an incredibly slow process. The dynamic trials started in January 2016, an overview:

Various operators and lease companies have Vectron in their fleet, or on order, that will be used in the Netherlands. There are generally two configurations that include the Netherlands. One is the ‘Transalp config’ that makes it possible to use a Vectron from the Dutch harbours and the Rhine area all the way to Italy. The second one is connecting the Netherlands with Poland and central Europe.

Update 04.10.2017 14.00 CET: We made an update about the arrival of the first Vectron in the Netherlands last week (ELL 193 261), including a list of NL-equipped machines in service and on order. We came to 47 and many DB locomotives, Siemens mentions 121! So there are many more to come. Our non-complete list:

Vectron with NL installation in service

  • 15x BLS Cargo 401-415 DE/AT/CH/IT/NL
  • 5x ELL 193 256-260 DE/AT/CH/IT/NL
  • 3x ELL 193 261-263 DE/AT/HU/PL/CZ/SK/RO/NL
  • 3x PKP Cargo EU46 513-515 DE/AT/HU/PL/CZ/SK/RO/NL

On order:

Update 04.10.2017 18.00 CET: Immediate action! In the afternoon, ELL locomotive 193 262 has arrived at Rotterdam-Waalhaven Zuid. It arrived from Germany without train for training purposes. Earlier this week, 193 261 was already in the Netherlands, but the machine had to be taken back to Germany, unused.

ELL 193 262 at Rotterdam-Waalhaven Zuid shunt yard on 04.10.2017 – Photo: Sander Broerse