[EU] Railcolor Weekly: Modern Locomotive News (32/17)

  • Akiem: Prima locomotive 37017: the ETF livery is (almost) gone. Some small vinyl left-overs remained on the roof. The locomotive is operated in Fret SNCF livery again, but with service number ‘BB 37037’. – SL
Akiem BB 37037 ex-ETF – 13.07.2017 – Brumath [FR] – Stéphane Faivre
  • LNVG: Metronom 146 541 got new side stickers. The Open’r festival that being was promoted by the locomotive is over, so time for a new region hight light: The Lüneburger Heide. – GZ
  • DB Cargo: Scandinavia locomotive 185 324 got extra stickers; KombiVerkehr, DB Cargo and Bode Spedition promote the Lübeck – Stockholm intermodal shuttle. – MD/PMR
  • DB Cargo: Fresh from the factory, transported to DB Cargo on 08.08.2017; locomotive 187 082.
DB Cargo’s newest: 187 082 leaving Kassel – 08.08.2017 – Christian Klotz
  • BLS Cargo: 485 005 is the first of its series that received the new ‘Die Alpinisten’ vinyls. The blue and green stickers show a man bridging a ice trench.
  • SZ: Back from the death: 541-010. The locomotive was seen shining as new in Linz. SZ decided has decided to hire the locomotive to ÖBB.
SZ 541-010 almost as new. The machine was heavily damaged at Prestranek (SI) in 2014 – Linz (AT)- 01.08.2017 – Andreas Kepplinger
  • Beacon Rail Leasing: As of 08.08.2017, locomotve 145 090 is rented out to HSL Logistik. The red painted machine has no stickers at this moment. It is a remarkable fact as it is the first time this locomotive changes operator. It has been used by Rheincargo (previously HGK) during the first 17 years of its existence. – HSL
  • MRCE: New Vectrons are being towed up and down. Seen last week for the first time: X4E-664 and 665. Currently a batch of 35 multisystem locomotives is being delivered with Germany/Austria/Italy package. We have seen no’s ranging from 640 to 673. Still missing are 660 and 674. We keep up with our list here.
  • GySEV: Siemens has started to deliver more Vectron locomotives to Austro-Hungarian operator GySEV. The company ordered four supplemantary (AC only) electrics in June 2017. The designated 471 004 was the first to arrive in Hungary on 09.08.2017. – HP/NT
Test run with all new GySEV 471 004 – 09.08.2017 – Hegyeshalom [HU] – Norbert Tilai
  • SBB: The Swiss railways have decided to alter the design of their Re 460 locomotives that underwent a full modernization. No front number is the new standard. The 460 031, 033 and 075 have no number, the one on 460 010 has been removed. – MK
  • WLC: The first TRAXX AC3 locomotive for WLC has been seen around the factory in Kassel. WLC has three units on order plus options. – CK
  • Alpha Trains: The red 185 632 now has the full dark red Emons livery, just like 185 513
The new Emons livery of 185 632 – 06.08.2017 – Wierthe [DE] – Vincent Schlüter
  • MAV: The Hungarian state railways will soon release locomotive 480 003 with new stickers honoring ‘Szent István’
  • Siemens: locomotive 193 930 is seen testing again its capabilities as diesel locomotive. Seen as such at the VUZ Velim test center in Cerhenice (CZ).
Siemens 193 930 in in diesel mode on 09.08.2017 – Velim [CZ] – Benedikt Bast
  • ELL: Siemens is currently releasing white Vectron stock locomotives, soon to be delivered to lease company ELL. On 12.08.2017 the designated 193 290-293 ran to Hegyeshalom. 
193 290 with 193 291, 193 292 and 185 673 on 12.08.2017 – St. Pölten [AT] – Andreas Kepp