[AT] Wiener Lokalbahnen go Last Mile: three TRAXX AC3 locomotives ordered

Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo (WLC) has placed an order for three TRAXX AC3 locomotives with Last Mile diesel shunting module. They will enter revenue service in 2017. An option is taken on three more locomotives.

Bombardier will also be responsible for the maintenance of the locomotives, that will be used in Germany and Austria. In 2015, WLC tested the TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive, using the red 187 009 from Bombardier. This year, Railpool 187 304 has been seen pulling WLC trains.

[correction, thanks readers!] Railcolor: At this moment, no the first AC3 locomotives are being used for border crossing DE-AT services. The international approval of the TRAXX AC3 however took much longer than expected. LTE, Lokomotion (DE-AT) and BLS Cargo (CH-DE) have been seen pulling international trains with AC3s.

Artist impression of the WLC (1)187 -Bombardier/WLC
Artist impression of the WLC (1)187 -Bombardier/WLC
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