[EU] Going “Off-Road” with TX Logistik 193 555

On 26.04.2017, lease company Alpha Trains and railfreight operator TX Logistik took delivery of the last Vectron locomotive of a serie of six, that were ordered in 2016. The machine with no. 193 555 is completely wrapped in a ‘Off-road’ themed livery, promoting TX Logistik’s NiKRASA system, with which it is possible to make non-craneable semitrailers craneable. It offers an additional option in combined transportation to shift more goods from road to rail. Or to go off-road, so to say!

We expect the 193 555 to be presented during the ‘transport logistik’ exhibition in two weeks in Munich. TX Logistik is ready, check the company’s dedicated off-road website here.

TX Logistik has also announced that the delivery of four additional locomotives, of which several have already been built, will commence in August 2017.

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The new Alpha Trains > TX Logistik 193 555 in Off-road themed livery – Photo: TX Logistik