[NL] Dutch railways want more DABNL multisystem locomotives

While searching for a Czech operator issuing its third tender, we also stumbled upon an entry from the Dutch railways (NS) that “intends to conclude a framework agreement for a period of 5 years (with the possibility for extension for an additional 3×1 years) with all selected suppliers capable of providing (a) lease(s) for (a) TRAXX DABNL locomotive(s) that are suitable for use on the Dutch network, including HSL (High Speed Line) and the Belgian Network (including line 4) and suitable for sandwich operation with the existing fleet of NS Traxx DABNL Locomotives and ICRmh Coaches, on all routes.”

The end date for interested parties to submit a bid is 03.03.2017.

Railcolor: NS is also looking for more DE/AT/BE/NL configured locomotives for pulling Intercity Direct services. NS already has 66 such machines in its fleet:

61 units are currently available to NS’ Intercity Direct program. Three other units are being used for software tests: 186 002, 186 122 and 186 236. The workshops in Dessau have just completed a revision 186 240 and 186 237 is subhired by NS to the Belgian railways to pull trains between Amsterdam and Brussels.