[CZ] 3rd time: Czech railways again issues tender for multisystem electrics

In April 2016, České dráhy (ČD) issued a tender for leasing multi-system electrics, without success. On December 17, a second attempt was made, again for 10 electrics, again without result. On 21.02.2017, ČD has released a third tender for the lease of ten electrics.

Compared to the second tender, the number of locomotives and their specification did not change, nor did the contract value:

  • 10 electric locomotives
  • for speeds up to 200 km/h
  • for period of 120 months
  • including regular maintenance
  • contract volume: 48 million euro
  • deadline: 27.03.2017

Railcolor: ČD is in need of faster locomotives than it currently has, to be used on the relation Prague – Hamburg for example. ČD does own multi-system electrics, but none have a topspeed of 200 km/u. The ČD 380 series electrics technically meet the requirement, but the German authorities do not allow them to run at speeds of 200 km/h.