[FR] SNCF and STIF preview the Omneo for Paris suburban services [updated]

Bombardier will supply 42 double deck Omneo trains to Syndicat des transports d’Île-de-France (STIF) and the French railways (SNCF). The order, announced on 29.12.2014, is part of a framework agreement concluded in 2010. The order value amounts to 397 million euros.

In december 2017 the trains, SNCF calls them ‘Regio 2N’, will enter service on line R of the Paris suburb network. STIF and SNCF ordered the 110 meter-long, eight-car variant of the Omneo. Up to three trains can run in multiple, forming a consist with a capacity of 1746 seats (and 3120 if you include standees).

Update x2: On 22.02.2017, STIF, SNCF and Bombardier officially preview the IDF version of the Omneo. We see a train in the rosa/red (carmillion) colours of SNCF with grey and white colored sides, similar to the livery of the Bombardier Spacium trains for STIF/SNCF. The seats in many red color tones are installed in 2+3 configuration. Bombardier has published a movie:

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