[DE] First shots: Siemens Vectron in Lokomotion livery

Lokomotion 193 772 with ski-train on 24.12.2016 in Niedernfritz-St.Martin (AT). Photo: Martin Radner
193 772 in Kufstein with its new name: Viola. Photo: Andreas Kepplinger

Background: Rail freight operator Lokomotion ordered 8 Vectron MS locomotives from Siemens in February 2016. The locomotives will be equipped for operations in Germany, Austria and Italy, will have ETCS on board and have a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Lokomotion wants to use the number 193 770-777 for its new machines, so the ‘triple 7’ is within the range. Lokomotion already has a (186) 444, a (139) 555 and the (185) 666.

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Lokomotion 193 772 on 12.12.2016 in Munich. Photo: Michael Raucheisen

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