[DE] BaWü selects DB Regio for Netz 9a: Coradia Continental ordered

Photo: Alstom Transport

DB Regio has been selected to provide passenger services on the lines…

  • Freiburg – Gottenheim – Endingen / Breisach
  • Freiburg – Titisee – Neustadt – Donaueschingen – Villingen
  • Freiburg – Titisee – Seebrugg

…starting in December 2019, also known the concession “Netz 9a” or “Breisgau-S-Bahn” awarded by the land of Baden-Württemberg (BaWü). The contract duration is 12.5 years.

Alstom will supply new trains, of the type Coradia Continental, in the region-specific 3-Löwen-Takt design. The yellow and white and the yellow lion symbol is used for all newly tendered public transport contracts in Baden-Württemberg.

Photo: Baden-Württemberg
Photo: Baden-Württemberg