[EU] Stadler Rail Valencia: First locomotive design under Swiss responsibility under development

In 2017, Stadler Rail Valencia wants to release its first dual mode locomotive for the continental European market. It will be the first locomotive design to be completed since the former Vossloh-factory was taken over by the Swiss company.

During InnoTrans 2016, a model was on display showing the locomotive design: a six-axle electric/diesel electroc locomotive with a topspeed of 160 km/u. Maximum duration power: 7 MW (electric) and 3 MW (diesel). The starting traction effort can be as much as 500 kN. The machine will feature AC traction motors and IGBT convertors. It is possible to order the locomotive as AC, DC or multisystem locomotive. Narrow gauge, normal gauge, wide gauge, all options are open, of course.

A first prototype locomotive for Europe is already under construction. We will follow this closely of course. Under the responsibility of the factory’s previous owner, Vossloh, the site already created two other dual mode locomotive type, about which you can explore more here:

The UKDual for Direct Rail Services (UK)
The Afro/PrasaDual for Prasa (SA)