[DE] Pesa Link for the Oberpfalzbahn

On 21.06.2014, a Link trainset built by Pesa was seen in Nürnberg. Currently, this new train type in Germany is subjected to the EBA admission process for rail vehicles. In the image you see train set no. 600.001.

The Oberpfalzbahn, subsidiary of the Regentalbahn, will get 12 such 2-car trainsets. Regular service should start in December 2014 on the line Regensburg – Marktredwitz – Schirnding (DE).

In the near future, EBA will also start the approval process of the 1- and 3-car version of the Pesa Link train. This is important for DB Regio and the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn that will also operate Link trains in Germany in the future.