[PL / Expert] What happened to the Oberpfalzbahn Pesa Link DMUs?

At the end of February, Polregio (ex. Przewozy Regionalne) announced it has acquired a used Link DMU from Pesa. SA139-010 costs c.a. EUR 2,2 million. Polregio initially wanted two diesel units, but it will receive only one as the other one of interest is now hired to Koleje Dolnośląskie by PESA Rental. A minor contract, but it has an interesting background story:

Do you remember that yellow Pesa Link train that was on display during Innotrans 2012 in Berlin? Pesa once was awarded a contract to built twelve such diesel units for German operator  FS Netinera > Oberpflazbahn, but this company decided to cancel the contract after it became clear the authorization process in Germany would take too much time. But, in the meantime, Pesa did build several units, for which it had to find new customers.

We have to admit, it is not possible to (re)trace all units, but Lukasz Piotrowski can update you on the current status of at least eight trains. Let’s start:

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