Softronic TransMontana

[RO] Trans Montana news: LTE locomotives near completion; Green Cargo is visiting

Softronic in Romania is currently building Trans Montana locomotives for two customers. Freight operator LTE will soon receive two new blue machines, no. 029 and 030 from the production line. […]

[RO] CTV acquires Trans Montana locomotive from Softronic

A remarkable change of colors: Softronic Trans Montana locomotive no. 480 007 has lost its orange/grey/white livery and has been repainted in silver and blue. It sports the keeper marking […]

[SE] Six-axle efficiency: Green Cargo purchases Trans Montana locomotives

A new foreign adventure for Softronic from Romania. The manufacturer of six-axle electrics based in Craiova has received an order from Sweden. It has signed a contract with railfreight operator […]

[RO/HU] Softronic outshops third Trans Montana locomotive for MMV

A new Trans Montana locomotive has been completed by Softronic in Romania. Locomotive no. 026 from the production line has the livery of Hungarian railfreight operator MMV. The machine was […]

[HU] CER Cargo takes delivery of its third Trans Montana locomotive

A sunny portrait of CER Cargo’s newest locomotive: the designated 610 102. It is the third machine of its type for the Hungarian operator: Softronic LEMA 020 – CER Cargo 610 […]

[RO] Trans Montana in blue: LTE receives six-axle powerpack

‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it’, this slogan is featured on the newest Trans Montana locomotive, produced by Romanian manufacturer Softronic. On 16.08.2016, a first […]