Siemens ES64U4 RailAdventure

For the transport of railway vehicles to Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania interim rail operator RailAdventure decided to buy ES64U4 locomotive no, 183 500 from mgw Service. Siemens delivered this machine back in 2008, and was the only locomotive of its type in the fleet of mgw Service.

RailAdventure 183 500 history:

  • Siemens 21315 / 2008
  • Abnahme MMAL 29.09.2008 as type ES64U4-B (DE and AT certified)
  • 01.10.2008, delivered officially to mgw Service GmbH in Kassel
  • the locomotive is hired to (mostly) German rail operators such as EGP, HLG, Locon, Captrain etc.
  • 04.09.2015: Revision R1 completed by mgw Service in Krefeld
  • 01.2017: Lease company Akiem acquires mgw Service
  • November 2018: 183 500 is seen without mgw Service logos

For RailAdventure, the originally blue machine was repainted in two-tone grey at the workshops in Dessau (DE). Later on, the locomotive was retrofitted with the necessary systems for services in HU, CZ, SK and PL.

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