Alstom Prima H4 SBB

SBB Aem 940 – the designation of a new generation of hybrid locomotoves for the Swiss railways (SBB). In November 2015 it was made public that Alstom was going to deliver 47 electro-diesel shunting locomotives (pantograph + combustion engine) for infrastructure maintenance and service purposes.

The Aem 940s will replace SBB’s Am 841 diesel locomotives from the 90s and the remaining Ee6/6ii machines from the 80s, that are being used at Lausanne Rangierbahnhof.

Technical specifications SBB Aem 940:

Axle configuration: 4-axle Bo’Bo’-el/de
L x W x H: 18.750 mm x 2.955 mm x 4.478 mm
Weight: 84 tonnes (up to 90 tonnes with ballast)
Voltage system: 15 kV AC 16 2/3 Hz
Electric mode: Maximum / nominal power: 2.000 kW / 1.735 kW
Diesel mode: Maximum power: 900 kW
Maximum speed: 120 km/h
Tractive effort: 300 kN
Multiple traction with up to 4 locomotives
Diesel tank volume: 3.000 liter

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