[design] A colourful livery for Senegal’s independence

For the 64th anniversary of Senegal’s independence, one of the Senegalese TER trains has been decorated in a unique, highly colourful livery.

On 04.04.2024, Senegal celebrated 60 years of independence. One of the country’s 15 DEMUs, Coradia Polyvalent trains, has been given a special livery in the country’s colours to mark the occasion. The initiative came from the operator, SETER, an SNCF subsidiary in Senegal:

Senegal’s independence livery on one of their TER units © SETER

The livery is in the colours of the Senegalese flag: green, yellow and red. At either end, there is a giant lion’s head, red on one end of the train and green, the emblematic symbol of Senegal. Finally, intermediate coaches have the flag’s star and sports the country’s motto, “One people, one goal, one faith.”

As a reminder, seven additional trainsets have been ordered and will be built over the next few years at the CAF ex-Alstom factory in Reichshoffen, France.