[passenger] Ferrovienord ATR 220 DMUs on their way to Poland

-2 for the Pesa Atribo fleet in Italy – two DMUs are returning to Poland where they were built. The former (and unlucky) FNM units have left the Belpaese:

On 11.03.2024, ATR 220 024 and ATR 220 025 were transferred from Bondeno to Ferrara by Dinazzano Po locomotive 744 027:

Pesa ATR 220 n.025 + ATR 220 n.024 in Ferrara on 11.03.2024 © Davide Train Spotting

In Ferrara, Mercitalia Rail’s E.652.043 took over for the transfer to the Tarvisio Boscoverde border. For the occasion, the two DMU trains were cleaned of graffiti, and a wrapped with the new owners’ names, Public Transport Service PTS and Modertrans Poznań, was applied to the sides.

Both are active in rolling stock maintenance and will most likely repair the ATR220s and sell them to a Polish railway company. Operator Polregio has similar trains in its fleet (series SA 136).

E.652.043 with Pesa ATR 220 n.025 + ATR 220 n.024 in Ferrara on 11.03.2024 © Davide Train Spotting

The end of a sad story

In March 2009, LeNord bought two Atribo DMUs from Polish manufacturer Pesa to lighten the load of old ALn 668 DMUs in service on the Brescia – Iseo – Edolo railway. Shortly after they entered service, ATR 220 024/025 started to suffer from frequent breakdowns, perhaps caused by the high gradients and winding nature of the line upstream of Lake Iseo, which often forced them to stay in the depot. Following the merger of LeNord into Trenord, it was decided to withdraw the DMUs and put them up for sale.

In January 2023, the two units were moved to the MaFer workshops in Sermide for repairs. On 28.07.2023, they were officially sold to a group of companies from Poland.

Davide Train Spotting has been so kind to share his video with us: