[design] In the picture: ex-MRCE class 187 with Beacon branding

It is only eight years old and already enjoying its third owner. It was once red and turned black in 2021. Now, it has giant yellow circles, marking its transfer to Beacon Rail visually: This is 187 101.

It is one of nine TRAXX AC3 locomotives with this career path. These were part of a deal DB Cargo closed with lease company MRCE. In 2023, MRCE was sold to Beacon Rail. Rapidly, the MRCE logos are disappearing. So we can bring you a black 187 with Beacon Rail branding for the first time, thanks to Eisenbahnfotografie NRW:


Beacon Rail 187 101 in Gladbeck West on 22.02.2024 © Eisenbahnfotografie NRW


MRCE 187 101 on 25.06.2021 in Mannheim – Steve Wiktor